At the Monaco Grand Prix Ferrari and McLaren both decided to use KERS and Renault and BMW decided against its use. Massa and Hamilton using KERS had the rear break away in the first qualifying session. Massa went on to qualify 5th and ended up 4th in the race. Hamilton damaged his car and after high expectations for a podium finish ended up 12th.

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Massa’s qualifying time of 0.4 seconds behind Button in the Brawn means that they would have qualified at almost identical times if they had the same amount of fuel, so it may be all down to whether KERS can get Massa out in front at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix, and then whether the extra 10Kg of fuel (or extra 3 laps) will give Massa the advantage.

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Over confident Ferrari, keen to save soft tyres for later qualifying and the race, decided on a single run for Massa in Q1. As the times came down in Q1 Massa held firm, confident that his initial time was good enough to go through to Q2, watched as he was pushed out of the top 15.

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