June 6th, 2009

Excerpt: BMW Sauber have introduced their new Double Decker Diffuser in Turkey. Red Bull got theirs ready for Monaco, but due to the slow corners there we did not really see its full effect, but it is here in Turkey where we will see how it works.

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Following the declaration that the double decker diffuser gang (Brawn, Toyota and Williams) are running legally, the other teams are rushing to introduce their own versions. McLaren, Renault and Force India are all sporting new interim versions at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and they seem to be working well.

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Brawn and Toyota delighted that the FIA International Court of Appeal has this afternoon ruled that the controversial double decker diffusers used by the two leading teams are legal despite appeals lodged by most of the other teams.

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The double decker diffusers seem to be the most significant contributing factor to the results of the season so far. Stewards at both the first two races in Australia and Malaysia declared the diffusers legal, but Ferrari, BMW Sauber, Red Bull and Renault have all appealed that decision. The hearing was held yesterday with the results due this afternoon (Wednesday 15th April).

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The Double-decker diffuser gang take five of the eight points scoring places in Melbourne.

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