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McLaren and Ferrari among eight teams to form breakaway F1 series (3 comments)
Wondered who gave the order for Hamilton second pit stop. He should be fired. This is going to start divisions between the teams. […]
2010-03-28 11:21:44
Brawn and Button Crowned King of F1 2009 in Brazil (1 comments)
Desejo boa sorte neste ano para Hamilton.
Que consiga neste ano excelentes resultados. […]
2010-02-17 20:08:10
Ferrari and McLaren use KERS in Monaco Grand Prix (1 comments)
Ron Dennis wouldn’t have let that happen to Lewis. I’m now changing my support to Braun […]
2009-08-23 14:30:52
Lewis sorry he was misled to deceive (1 comments)
I’m really disappointed in everyone at McLaren who is responsible for this, including Lewis Hamilton. The red tops have been baying for this too. […]
2009-04-03 23:26:44
Hamilton – Lack of downforce threatens title (3 comments)
Thanks for the comments. I’ve fixed the spelling. I’ll be running everything through the spell checker in the future.

It is a good point about the start time in Melbourne.
I guess you mean that TV coverage in Australia starts at 15:30, with a 9 […]

2009-03-28 17:43:52
Patient Button puts Brawn on pole in Melbourne (2 comments)
Yes Chris, it is great to see independent teams doing well.

I feel sorry for Lewis Hamilton having a bad start to the season, but isn’t it great to see Jensen Button winning poll at Melbourne again after two years. […]

2009-03-28 17:40:09

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