Brawn GP’s Jenson Button has finally put us of suspense with his fifth place in Brazil. That wraps up the F1 Constructors Title for Brawn GP and the F1 Drivers Title for Jenson Button.

It all looked decidedly dodgy after the damp qualifying where the conservative approach of sticking on full wet tyres for Qualifying Two left Button struggling for grip and out of the top ten and into 14th on the grid. Rubens Barrichello pressed on hard in the wet and made it through to Q1 and went on to take pole on the grid.

Barrichello lead off from pole and was 2.5 seconds ahead of Webber at his first pit stop on lap 21. He came out just ahead of Vettel who immediately pushed past into eighth and then Hamilton had a look but left Barrichello relegated to 9th.

Webber took his chance and put in some stunning laps till he pitted on lap 27, returning to the track less than a second ahead of Button who after a frustrating time behind Kobayashi (in his maiden F1 race) was now really flying.

Barrichello lost 10 seconds to Webber in the six laps between their pit stops on laps 21 and 27, and his out lap was almost 2 seconds slower than Button managed. After working in heavy traffic he was back in second but 16 seconds behind Webber prior to his second pit stop, with Button in fourth just behind Kubica who had already completed his second pit stop.

It was looking pretty good for Brawn to get the one point they needed for the championship and Button was looking good for the Drivers Championship.

But that doesn’t show the full story. Hamilton discarded his Super Soft tyres under the Safety car early in the race and was now fuelled to go to the end and was putting in stunning lap times. Vettel was going quickly too.

On lap 63 Hamilton made full use of his KERS and squeezed past Barrichello for third, who then dropped to eighth after pitted due to a slow puncture in his rear left, which Hamilton may have touched and broken his front wing end plate.

It was then on to the finish with Webber the winner on the Brazilian Grand Prix, Button the winner of the 2009 F1 Drivers World Championship and Brawn GP winners of the 2009 F1 Constructors World Championship

Ross Brawn choked up and shed emotional tears of happiness as he paid tribute to all the people in his team who had worked so hard for this wonderful achievement, with a special mention for the 200 people he was not able to keep on at the start of the year.

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One Comment to “Brawn and Button Crowned King of F1 2009 in Brazil”

  1. Gilberto says:

    Desejo boa sorte neste ano para Hamilton.
    Que consiga neste ano excelentes resultados.

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