KERS assists three of the top four and Mercedes powers six of the top seven on the grid at Monza, only spoiled by Raikkonen’s Ferrari in third.

Beaming from ear to ear pole sitter Lewis Hamilton welcomed second position new comer Adrian Sutil to the qualifying grid conference, saying that it was just like the F3 days. Fisichella down in fourteenth will no doubt be wondering if he gave up another pole position by moving to Ferrari for the last six races of the season, but what Italian wouldn’t want to drive for Ferrari, especially at Monza.

The domination by all six Mercedes powered cars at Monza where engines are at full throttle for 70% of the time is a great boost for Mercedes and will be a certain blow to other engine manufacturers.

BMW will be especially concerned as both of their cars suffered engine failure in the second qualifying session within minutes of each other. Unreliable engines are the last thing that they want while trying to find a buyer for the team.

Renault put in a good showing to qualify eighth with Alonso and also powered the Red Bulls of Vettel and Webber into ninth and tenth.

Brawn are all looking very pleased with their 5th and 6th for Barrichello and Button. They are both filled to the gunnels and are planning on a one stop race and are pretty sure that the four ahead will be doing two stops. They also hope that the Red Bulls behind with smaller fuel tanks will be stopping before them

Brawn are also no doubt relieved that the KERS cars are ahead and out of the way for the start, but are also vulnerable to being jumped by the Brawns who are doing the longer first stint.

Predictions for the race are pretty much anyone’s guess, but look good for Hamilton especially if there is a safety car which will spoil the Brawn strategy.

Monza is set to be another exciting and unpredictable race. I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

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