McLaren and Ferrari will continue using KERS in the European Grand Prix.

Both Renault and BMW have dropped its use for the rest of the year.

Hamilton expects KERS to give him a good boost off the start line allowing him to gain about 15 meters into turn one.

In qualifying a KERS boost out of the final corner before the start of the timed lap and additional boosts out of the four second gear corners during the timed lap should give Hamilton a significant advantage of up to 0.3 seconds in the dash to qualify well on Saturday.

The layout of the Valencia circuit makes it very difficult to overtake and we would normally expect a procession for the duration of the race, but hopefully the odd KERS boost during the race will allow the drivers to leap frog the slower trains that get established.

The Valencia circuit is well suited for the cars to use KERS because of the large number of suitable breaking points where the charging rate can be set low so as to reduce the destabilizing effect of the KERS recharging kicking in.

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