The long awaited McLaren aero updates have finally arrived in time for the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring and are certainly making a difference.

Lewis Hamilton started trying out the new “bits” in P1 doing only 14 laps, far fewer than most of the other drivers.

A couple of settling in laps (out and back into the pits) at the beginning of the practice three session allowed Hamilton to try out the latest McLaren aero body parts flown in overnight.

Lewis Hamilton then went out again after about 15 minutes, and then started doing quick laps. On his sixth lap of the session, following a few warm-up laps, he started doing fasted sectors for sector one, then sector two and finally sector three to put in a fastest overall time of 1:32.331. The next lap was faster still at 1:31.965, then he took another break and stayed on top till his next outing.

After a quick out lap Lewis immediately put in a fast one, again doing three fastest sectors of the day, to drop the time by nearly three quarters of a second down to 1:31.252. He then took a breather on the next lap winding up for another quickest of the day of 1:31.121 on the very next lap.

It was then back into the pits and back to working on collecting information, with the knowledge that he now has a competitive car for the German Grand Prix, following the furious development work that has been going on back at the factory.

Keikki Kovalainen ended the session 17th without the benefit of the new aero package. The one and a half second difference is probably not all down to the aero package, as he was probably running with more fuel etc. so as to collect data ready for qualifying later today.

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