Of the four teams with KERS only McLaren and Ferrari will be using the system in Turkey.

Renault were undecided when they arrived and were planning on trying it out in free practice two, but eventually decided not to use it at all.

BMW Sauber with their new Double Decker Diffuser in Turkey decided not to use it either.

Ferrari are committed to the KERS system and experimented with using it in different places around the circuit to see which location gave the best benefit. On Friday in free practice one and two we initially saw Massa use half of it out of turn 9 onto the back straight and the other half coming onto the main start/finish straight. In the end on Saturday he had switched to just using it out of turn 9 onto the back straight.

McLaren likewise experimented in various places homing it down to three possible uses and eventually also deciding that out of turn 9 onto the back straight was the best place. Interestingly instead of a single long burst the usage was more subtle with a bit used onto the straight and then a bit more up the hill at bit further along the back straight.

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