Ferrari have made great strides forwards in the last few months, and the new aero package for the Spanish Grand Prix has put Ferrari on level pegging with Brawn here.

Ferrari have been really pulling out the stops and have come to Spain with an Interim Semi-Double Decker Diffuser, like Brawn, Toyota and Williams unveiled in Australia.  They cannot easily go full double decker diffuser till Monaco because this requires other modifications to the position of the gearbox etc.

There is also an updated the front wing, revised the side pods and modified the front suspension, making the Spanish version of the Ferrari considerable different and faster than before.

Ferrari have traditionally done well in Spain and subject to them using a good strategy, we expect Massa to do well here again.

Having qualified in 4th with an additional 10Kg of fuel, Massa is in a good position to press his KERS for a turbo boosted start.  If he is able to get out in front, the others will simply have to follow as it is very difficult to pass here, especially with Massa able to press for KERS when he feels threatened.

Massa’s qualifying time of 0.4 seconds behind Button in the Brawn means that they would have qualified at almost identical times if they had the same amount of fuel, so it may be all down to whether KERS can get Massa out in front at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix, and then whether the extra 10Kg of fuel (or extra 3 laps) will give Massa the advantage.

Knowing that Button has strategy maestro Ross Brawn on the pit wall may however set the odds in Button’s favour.  I’m looking forward to an exciting Spanish Grand Prix.

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