On Wednesday 29th April Martin Whitmarsh will attend the FIA hearing on his own without the backup of a big legal team. He has written a confidential letter to the FIA in advance of the hearing, hoping to defuse the situation.

He will no doubt be hoping that by admitting the “liargate” charges (of bringing the sport into disrepute and repeatedly lying to the stewards) and not contesting them he will be able to put the animosity between Max Moseley and those at the top of the McLaren establishment behind them.

Rumours are circulating that with the absence of Ron Dennis and the departure of sporting director Dave Ryan the best that he can hope for will be a suspended sentence on the condition that with new management, a new air of truthfulness can exist between the officials and the McLaren racing team.

This outcome will be the best for Formula One, as the “sport” cannot keep shooting themselves in the foot with more scandals. The teams are all under pressure with the current economic situation and sponsors of all the teams are bound to be “considering their position”.

We really need to allow all concerned to put on a good show with minimum controversy.

Drivers like Lewis Hamilton should be allowed to get on and do what they do best without having to be involved with the politics of big business. Also the engineers should be able to be innovative and make the most of the regulations.

The whole field are now so close (within about 1.5 seconds) that by introducing modifications at each of the four races this year the boys back at the McLaren F1 base have been able to improve the car by a few tenths each race and help Lewis Hamilton to gradually improve to an impressive fourth place at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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