All talk in the paddock today harps back to the last few laps behind the safety car in Melbourne, where Lewis Hamilton says that he was misled into deceiving the stewards that he did not intentionally let Trulli back passed after taking third place when Trulli went off onto the grass.

Stewards specifically asked McLaren sporting director Dave Ryan and Lewis Hamilton “Did you allow Trulli to pass you?” and they were led to believe that Hamilton did not intentionally allow Trulli to pass.

Subsequent video footage, radio transmissions and other information has led the Stewards re-open the case of their own accord after the Toyota team withdrew their appeal on Tuesday.

Hamilton says that they immediately went from the garage to the stewards hearing and while waiting for Trulli to come out he was misled by his team manager.

It looks as if they saw an opportunity to gain an extra point by being promoted from fourth to third which they both believed was the right conclusion, but they went about it in the wrong way by committing a professional dive instead of arguing for the result to be amended on legitimate grounds.

Consequently Dave Ryan, one of the “best guys” and long serving characters in Formula One has packed his bags and gone, leaving a very big hole in the McLaren team making it even more difficult for Lewis Hamilton to score maximum points at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

There is speculation that McLaren, who the public already believe are harshly treated by the FIA, may suffer further consequences.

Do you think that this will be the end of it?

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One Comment to “Lewis sorry he was misled to deceive”

  1. jt says:

    I’m really disappointed in everyone at McLaren who is responsible for this, including Lewis Hamilton. The red tops have been baying for this too.

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