With more new aero bits Lewis Hamilton is back on form in practice 1 at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Practice 1 got off to a slow start with no one completing a timed lap for the first 30 minutes of the 90 minute session. After 40 minutes Lewis Hamilton came out on track and immediately started banging in some fast laps, with each one winding up to a better time.

After just four laps he was second on the leader board. His fifth was fastest yet on sectors 1 and 3, but the whole lap was a tenth slower than Nicco Rosberg. The first two sectors of lap six were a bit of a breather before winding up in the third sector for a slingshot into lap seven. With fastest times yet for sector one and two and a health third sector to put him on top, now a second faster than Nicco Rosberg.

His eighth lap was a real winner with an ultimate lap time being faster than everyone in each of the three sectors.

He went on to do another 11 laps, but no more really fast ones.

At the end of the session he was still on top with the two BMWs just 0.2secs slower after trying out new super soft tyres for their last laps. Followed by Button, Kovalainen, Barrichello, Massa and Webber.

The total field were all within 1.7 seconds of Lewis Hamilton’s time, set early on in the session.

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