Lewis Hamilton was please with the progress that the team at the circuit and back home have been making.

He was much happier with the grip and the new temporary aero package with new front wing and revised rear diffuser. It is great progress and I am pleased to have made it into Q3 and the top ten. We are not there yet, but it is good to be making it step by step.

Lewis Hamilton (fuelled to lap 20) qualified ninth nearly two and a half seconds behind pole sitter Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull Renault (fuelled to lap 10). There is about 0.1 seconds deficit for each lap of fuel so Lewis Hamilton is still a long way off the pace.

Fernando Alonso put in an amazing showing to end up on the front row of the grid. He has been upset about the “super soft” tyres comparing them with having to use rain tyres. He is fuelled very light and so we can expect him to sprint away getting his first stint on the “super soft” tyres out of the way so he can settle down with the harder tyres that he is much happier with.

Interestingly the fastest car at the Chinese Grand Prix is not using the double decker diffuser. Has this been a brilliant smoke screen by Ross Brawn to put the field off the scent as to what is really making the difference between the Brawn GP cars and the others?


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