The FIA International Court of Appeal has this afternoon ruled that the controversial double decker diffusers used by the two leading teams are legal despite appeals lodged by most of the other teams.

Both Ross Brawn and Toyota expressed their satisfaction that the FIA had ruled in their favour, as they had run the last two races under appeal.

This means there will be a scramble by the other teams to catch up on this performance enhancing interpretation of the aerodynamic rules. The rules limiting the design of the rear diffuser were introduced for 2009 as part of a multi faceted package including the KERS system to improve overtaking.

The idea was to increase physical grip by the re-introduction of slick tyres and the restriction of aerodynamic down force leaving cleaner air for following cars so that they should be able to use the extra grip and KERS turbo boost to get ahead, thus making the series more interesting for spectators.

The innovative F1 car designers of Brawn, Toyota and Williams seem to have circumvented much of the aerodynamic rule restrictions and have re-couped much of the loss of down force, leaving the others to play catch up.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the other teams will have their own double decker diffusers in operation, considering that the next two races will be away fixtures.

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