As we suggested a couple of days ago (see Martin Whitmarsh to defuse FIA McLaren F1 team hearing) the FIA have decided to suspend the three race ban that they have deemed a suitable punishment for the five counts of bringing the sport into disrepute and lying to the stewards after the Australian Grand Prix.

The decision to suspend the ban came about because of the open and honest way in which McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh has addressed the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council.

They also took into account the way that Martin Whitmarsh has dealt with the situation and the clear way in which the culture of the organisation has changed under the new management of Martin Whitmarsh following the departure of team principal Ron Dennis and sporting director Dave Ryan.

Lewis Hamilton appeared to be devastated by the incident after being encouraged to lie to the stewards about whether or not he had let Trulli pass behind the safety car at the Australian Grand Prix. Following his emotional news conference later to apologise he looked set to leave Formula One and all the politics associated with the sport.

Let’s hope that this really does put a line under this sorry situation and that we can all look forward to an exciting season of Formula One racing.

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