With just 24 hours before the start of the Shanghai practice sessions we desperately need the results of the double decker diffuser judgement.

Stewards at both the first two races in Australia and Malaysia declared the diffusers legal, but Ferrari, BMW Sauber, Red Bull and Renault have all appealed that decision. The hearing was held yesterday with the results due this afternoon (Wednesday 15th April).

The double decker diffusers seem to be the most significant contributing factor to the results of the season so far with the Brawn GP and Toyota, two of the three teams using them heading the leader board. Williams who also use the double decker diffuser are just half a point behind third and fourth placed BMW Sauber and Renault. Banning them will certainly even out the teams leaving with Brawn GP with a small advantage.

If their use is upheld then the other teams will be left scrambling to include them in their own aerodynamic packages.

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