Jenson Button is on pole position for the Australian Grand Prix after plugging away patiently with a no-hope Honda last year, while Ross Brawn and his team worked on perfecting the new 2009 regulations car.

Eddie Jordan suggests that “Ross Brawn maybe on the verge of one of the greatest sporting moments of all time!”

It seems that Bernie Ecclestone was behind making it happen with his behind the scenes mustering up of enthusiasm and support from the paddocks.

Just over two months ago Ross Brawn didn’t have a team, but with a “team effort” from all in Formula One a team emerged from the ashes of Honda.

Two weeks ago they didn’t have drivers for the car and now Jenson Button is on pole and Rubens Barrichello is locking out the front row of the grid.

Mercedes stepped in to supply engines.  Virgin stepped in with sponsorship.  Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello stepped in to drive.

It looks as if the winning form of Ross Brawn is back with a winning team and a pair of top drivers.  Jenson Button is back where he deserves to be, but will Rubens Barrichello be happy to play second fiddle as he did for many years at Ferrari in the shadow of Michael Schumacher?

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2 Comments to “Patient Button puts Brawn on pole in Melbourne”

  1. chris t leeds says:

    Brilliant for the world of f1 for too long have big teams with big money been winning and now its time for the best drivers to comt thru!

  2. Yes Chris, it is great to see independent teams doing well.

    I feel sorry for Lewis Hamilton having a bad start to the season, but isn’t it great to see Jensen Button winning poll at Melbourne again after two years.

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