Brawn GP’s Jenson Button has finally put us of suspense with his fifth place in Brazil. That wraps up the F1 Constructors Title for Brawn GP and the F1 Drivers Title for Jenson Button.

It all looked decidedly dodgy after the damp qualifying where the conservative approach of sticking on full wet tyres for Qualifying Two left Button struggling for grip and out of the top ten and into 14th on the grid. Rubens Barrichello pressed on hard in the wet and made it through to Q1 and went on to take pole on the grid.

Barrichello lead off from pole and was 2.5 seconds ahead of Webber at his first pit stop on lap 21. He came out just ahead of Vettel who immediately pushed past into eighth and then Hamilton had a look but left Barrichello relegated to 9th.

Webber took his chance and put in some stunning laps till he pitted on lap 27, returning to the track less than a second ahead of Button who after a frustrating time behind Kobayashi (in his maiden F1 race) was now really flying.

Barrichello lost 10 seconds to Webber in the six laps between their pit stops on laps 21 and 27, and his out lap was almost 2 seconds slower than Button managed. After working in heavy traffic he was back in second but 16 seconds behind Webber prior to his second pit stop, with Button in fourth just behind Kubica who had already completed his second pit stop.

It was looking pretty good for Brawn to get the one point they needed for the championship and Button was looking good for the Drivers Championship.

But that doesn’t show the full story. Hamilton discarded his Super Soft tyres under the Safety car early in the race and was now fuelled to go to the end and was putting in stunning lap times. Vettel was going quickly too.

On lap 63 Hamilton made full use of his KERS and squeezed past Barrichello for third, who then dropped to eighth after pitted due to a slow puncture in his rear left, which Hamilton may have touched and broken his front wing end plate.

It was then on to the finish with Webber the winner on the Brazilian Grand Prix, Button the winner of the 2009 F1 Drivers World Championship and Brawn GP winners of the 2009 F1 Constructors World Championship

Ross Brawn choked up and shed emotional tears of happiness as he paid tribute to all the people in his team who had worked so hard for this wonderful achievement, with a special mention for the 200 people he was not able to keep on at the start of the year.

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McLaren get both Hamilton and Kovalainen in the top ten for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Hamilton, already on provisional pole, was just revving up for a final shootout with Vettel for fastest lap in Q3 for the Singapore Grand Prix when Rubens Barrichello hit the wall and the session was red flagged.

Hamilton had already done enough to be on pole but Vettel was charging in a lightly fuelled car and looked set to pip him to pole. Barrichello’s accident looked to help Hamilton hold onto his pole position and also meant that no one else was able to leap frog Barrichello’s 5th position which looked vulnerable.

Barrichello will drop five places to tenth because the team decided to change his gearbox (after only two races, instead of the four that they are required to last) as a precautionary measure. This means that he will still start two places ahead of Jenson Button, his World Championship rival.

Button did not look comfortable all weekend and looked especially tight and under pressure in qualifying. His bid for the World Championship is distinctly looking at risk.

Hamilton looks to be in a strong position for the race as he seems comfortable in the car and it looks as if he may be fuelled heavier than those around and behind him on the grid. As long as he gets a good start and his KERS helps him to pull out into clean air for the first corner we expect him to have a good result on Sunday.

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KERS assists three of the top four and Mercedes powers six of the top seven on the grid at Monza, only spoiled by Raikkonen’s Ferrari in third.

Beaming from ear to ear pole sitter Lewis Hamilton welcomed second position new comer Adrian Sutil to the qualifying grid conference, saying that it was just like the F3 days. Fisichella down in fourteenth will no doubt be wondering if he gave up another pole position by moving to Ferrari for the last six races of the season, but what Italian wouldn’t want to drive for Ferrari, especially at Monza.

The domination by all six Mercedes powered cars at Monza where engines are at full throttle for 70% of the time is a great boost for Mercedes and will be a certain blow to other engine manufacturers.

BMW will be especially concerned as both of their cars suffered engine failure in the second qualifying session within minutes of each other. Unreliable engines are the last thing that they want while trying to find a buyer for the team.

Renault put in a good showing to qualify eighth with Alonso and also powered the Red Bulls of Vettel and Webber into ninth and tenth.

Brawn are all looking very pleased with their 5th and 6th for Barrichello and Button. They are both filled to the gunnels and are planning on a one stop race and are pretty sure that the four ahead will be doing two stops. They also hope that the Red Bulls behind with smaller fuel tanks will be stopping before them

Brawn are also no doubt relieved that the KERS cars are ahead and out of the way for the start, but are also vulnerable to being jumped by the Brawns who are doing the longer first stint.

Predictions for the race are pretty much anyone’s guess, but look good for Hamilton especially if there is a safety car which will spoil the Brawn strategy.

Monza is set to be another exciting and unpredictable race. I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

McLaren and Ferrari will continue using KERS in the European Grand Prix.

Both Renault and BMW have dropped its use for the rest of the year.

Hamilton expects KERS to give him a good boost off the start line allowing him to gain about 15 meters into turn one.

In qualifying a KERS boost out of the final corner before the start of the timed lap and additional boosts out of the four second gear corners during the timed lap should give Hamilton a significant advantage of up to 0.3 seconds in the dash to qualify well on Saturday.

The layout of the Valencia circuit makes it very difficult to overtake and we would normally expect a procession for the duration of the race, but hopefully the odd KERS boost during the race will allow the drivers to leap frog the slower trains that get established.

The Valencia circuit is well suited for the cars to use KERS because of the large number of suitable breaking points where the charging rate can be set low so as to reduce the destabilizing effect of the KERS recharging kicking in.

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McLaren are back on top after having their hopes dashed a couple of weeks ago by a puncture in Germany.

After the lottery of qualifying with the rain during Q2 in Germany it was easy to speculate that McLaren were back with a competitive car. However, any hopes of the podium finish that we all anticipated were dashed when Hamilton had a touch which caused a puncture while pulling into a KERS assisted lead at the first corner.

We had to wait another two weeks before Hamilton was able to show what the new car was really capable of around the Hungaroring.

Hamilton did not put a foot wrong the whole weekend.

Q1 was nearly half way through the 20 minute session before he completed his first flying lap in 1:21.791 which put him into second behind Raikkonen. About twenty seconds later Vettel, and then Webber posted identical times of 1:21.590 on each of their second flying laps. Another fast lap by Hamilton and then back into the pits leaves him dropping down to sixth and eventually eighth before changing his tyres and having another go.

Q3 saw him 4th on the grid behind Alonso, Vettel and Webber.

The race was perfectly driven. A place was gained at the start, then he got passed Webber after 11 laps and then led the race to the end.

Well done Lewis.

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Lewis Hamilton and McLaren have come on in leaps and bounds in Germany. After waiting patiently until the factory was ready with the updates, instead of rushing them through for the British Grand Prix, the team have been rewarded with some useful times in practice (leading P2 and P3) and ending up fifth on the grid.

The qualifying was one of the most exciting this year.

Q1 was a normal sort of qualifying, losing Kubica, Buemi, Fisichella, Glock and Bourdais.

Q2 got off to a roaring start with everyone immediately leaping out of the pits on Super Soft tyres, in an effort to beat the rain.

They were three or four abreast, jostling for position, a bit like the dash for the first corner at the start of a race, with the typical carnage. The rain at the start of the session made it tricky. Nakajima started it with a spin, Massa had a moment and ended up creeping round the access road, and Hamilton was squeezed off onto the grass.

Everyone immediately dashed back for intermediate tyres with the McLarens queuing in the pits for the change. Mark Webber tried staying out on the Super Soft tyres, but was 12 seconds slower than normal on just the first sector, so he too came in on the next lap.

The Q2 session was full of action.

Kovalainen continued the entertainment getting on the power too soon and launching off the track at turn three when his spinning rear tyres touched the white paint.

Alonso spun when braking for the chicane and ended up avoiding the gravel trap with some nifty driving by reversing round and back onto the track from the escape runoff. He then went on to post the first time of 1:43.931 on his next full lap.

Raikkonen realised his dream and went rallying off through the fast chicane.

As the track dried after the shower the times started to drop with Hamilton and Sutil one-two. They slipped down the rankings as Webber came up with an excellent 1:38 on Intermediates. Barrichello then showed the way by switching to Super Soft slicks to post his first time of 1:34.469 (three and a half seconds faster than Webber in second) with just three minutes to go. His next lap was one hundredth quicker and kept him top for Q2.

The session ended with Barrichello top followed by Piquet, “Sutil”, Webber, Button, Hamilton and Vettel in seventh, five and a half seconds slower than Barrichello!

Q3 continued to be exciting.

Barrichello was first to put in a complete timed lap of 1:32.797 after five minutes on the Super Soft tyres, while everyone was waiting for the track to dry out. The last five minutes were frantic.

With the clock stopped it was Hamilton, Barrichello, Button, Vettel and Webber, but nearly everyone was still out on timed laps.

Once they had all completed their timed laps, Mark Webber was on top, followed by Barrichello, Button, Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, all within 0.4 of a second. Kovalainen was next a whole 1.2 seconds behind Hamilton.

Sutil was seventh followed by the heavily fuelled Ferraris of Massa and Raikkonen in eighth and nineth. Piquet finished up tenth on the grid, two and a half seconds behind Webber’s pole time.

Will KERS help Hamilton jump to the front at the start?

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The long awaited McLaren aero updates have finally arrived in time for the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring and are certainly making a difference.

Lewis Hamilton started trying out the new “bits” in P1 doing only 14 laps, far fewer than most of the other drivers.

A couple of settling in laps (out and back into the pits) at the beginning of the practice three session allowed Hamilton to try out the latest McLaren aero body parts flown in overnight.

Lewis Hamilton then went out again after about 15 minutes, and then started doing quick laps. On his sixth lap of the session, following a few warm-up laps, he started doing fasted sectors for sector one, then sector two and finally sector three to put in a fastest overall time of 1:32.331. The next lap was faster still at 1:31.965, then he took another break and stayed on top till his next outing.

After a quick out lap Lewis immediately put in a fast one, again doing three fastest sectors of the day, to drop the time by nearly three quarters of a second down to 1:31.252. He then took a breather on the next lap winding up for another quickest of the day of 1:31.121 on the very next lap.

It was then back into the pits and back to working on collecting information, with the knowledge that he now has a competitive car for the German Grand Prix, following the furious development work that has been going on back at the factory.

Keikki Kovalainen ended the session 17th without the benefit of the new aero package. The one and a half second difference is probably not all down to the aero package, as he was probably running with more fuel etc. so as to collect data ready for qualifying later today.

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Good news at last for Lewis Hamilton fans, as he steers his Mercedes powered McLaren to the fastest time in practice two for the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.

This will be a great boost for Mercedes at their home German grand prix as their engine has not done well in the McLaren so far this season. Fortunately they also supply the engine for Brawn who have done much better for them with Jenson Button managing six wins out of eight races this year.

Mark Webber set the early pace and sat at the top of the leader board for most of the first hour.

With 35 minutes to go Jenson Button went out on Super Soft tyres and popped up to the top with 1:32.369. We could see Button weaving along the straights trying to keep his tyres warm enough as he was having the same problem as in Silverstone where his silky smooth driving and gentle car didn’t keep the tyres at their best operating temperature.

A few minutes later Lewis Hamilton was in second, just four hundredths behind Jenson Button, so we had a British one-two, but that was soon spoiled by an impressive lap from Vettel who went just two hundredths of a second quicker. We are certainly having close racing this year.

With just six minutes to go Lewis Hamilton was at it again with a personal fastest for sectors one and two, and a fastest of everyone in sector three to go top with at time of 1:32.149. Vettel closed the gap slightly but ended the session in second.

The session ended with Lewis Hamilton top followed by Vettel, Button, Webber, Trulli, Sutil, Barrichello and Alonso in eighth.

We again had an extremely close set of times with only 1.8 seconds separating the field, except for Fisichella who crashed out at the beginning of the session.

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Silverstone with its fast straights would seem to be an ideal track for KERS to provide a slingshot out of the corners to gain a few Miles per Hour for the full length of the straight.

The BMW and Renault teams are not so sure and have opted not to use KERS at Silverstone.

Ferrari has continued its development of KERS and now has a new lighter version which will be used by both Massa and Raikkonen.

McLaren will be trying out both options on Friday with Kovalainen running with KERS and Hamilton seeing how the car goes without it during practice one and practice two. There are not many hard braking areas where the KERS can be effectively recharged.

Following months of dispute about the format for the 2010 F1 series the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) have decided that they have no option other than to form a breakaway series.

The teams will most likely be joined by Lola and Prodrive who were surprisingly not included in the FIA preferred new entrants for the 2010 F1 series. The full line up will be Brawn, Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, BMW, Renault, Toyota, Lola and Prodrive.

The FIA say that Ferrari are contracted to F1 for 2010, but Ferrari says that their contract with the FIA has been broken due to the FIA ignoring their right to veto the changes proposed.

Red Bull and Toro Rosso are also in a similar position to Ferrari, with the FIA threatening to sue.

So as it stands F1 will include Williams and Force India, who broke away from FOTA due to their own contractual obligations, plus Team US F1, Manor F1 and Campos Racing.

I cannot imagine a proper F1 series without Ferrari so it will be interesting to see how things work out in the next few weeks.